i'm not here for a job interview, so let's cut the crap now.

i was a radio announcer for five years,

a copywriter,

a master of ceremony,

a choir singer,

a production engineer,

a webdesigner,

a professional translator,

a personal assistant to a consultant,

a researcher,

an editor,

a self-employed baker,

all during the 7 years of my after-college period.
Including a year of being unemployed parasite wasting-money-everyday girl. My biggest sin.

and ow, 3 years singing in a band some time in the period before that.

who knows what i'll explore next. (update: a baking instructor and food photographer. maybe a lion tamer later in the future. or a gravedigger?)

now i have freed myself from the office-hour chain that's been handcuffed me for like years. yay!! freedom at last!
i am now unemployed again and probably would just spend all the money i have left in my pocket and live in a gutter when the money's finished.

I will travel around the world for the rest of my life --did i tell you i wanna see the world?-- so, since i was no longer in work 'prison', i could go whenever i feel like to go.

hey world, here i come! hey gutter, spare me some space!!