Tuesday, August 08, 2006

They're Tearing It Down


...now we can't even remember why we sold the house in the first place...
Finally, someone else is tearing down the house.

About a week ago, me, my big sister, Ahmad my nephew, Anya my niece, our maid, and 2 of my inlaws drove by the house. Some relative told us, apparently someone finally bought the house, tore it down and is building on the lot.

We stopped our car across the street and saw our used-to-be house was gone. We could see some workers were working on a new building.

When we found out that the house was being re-offered (read Aneh and Makin Aneh), I was hoping nobody would buy the house until finally someone in my family can afford to buy it back. But now the hope seems to be drifting away. When the new building is finished, we have to be a giant billionaire to be able to afford such perfect lot.

Now we can't even remember why we sold the house in the first place.

My sister finally broke the silent,"Gue harap skenarionya kelak akan gini nih: Wida pulang ke Indonesia bawa duit banyak, dan ngebeli lagi rumah ini."
"The one who ran away from the house will be the one who finally gets it back?" Me, getting all sentimental.
"Yup, lot of stories go that way, right?"
"Yea, biasanya begitu."

Silent again. This time I was the one who broke it.

"Ahmad, nanti kalo udah besar, Ahmad bikin perusahaan kayak si Soichiro Honda, dapet uang banyak, terus beli lagi rumah ini ya."
"Oh, iya, itu udah Ahmad rencanain," Ahmad tried to hide his tears.

Everybody murmured,"Amin....."

Allah, hear us.

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  1. sampe skrg gw ga mau lewat depan rmh yg 20th lebih kt tinggalin dan akhirnya dijual. Rmh itu sudah di hancurkan, totally new. Amat sangat penuh dg kenangan. Dari TK sampe kawin. Kalo kesana pasti sedih. hiks.. Live goes on...:)

  2. ya ampun Ri...gue ikut sedih baca ceritanya. banyak kenangan ya disitu...my parents' house in jkt is still a house, fortunately, & i missed it a lot too...