Sunday, August 13, 2006

Surabaya 2006

Perfect time to get away from my routines. Had a blast with my nephews, nieces, sister, and in-laws. Catching up, exchanging stories, visiting cool places, going to the spa, eating out, shopping, going to the movie, swimming, and planning for the next vacation. South Africa World Cup 2010? New Zealand's Lord of the Ring tour? Or South-east Asia cruise? Let's save up, sisters!

Monumen Kapal Selam Pasopati

Masjid Muhammad Cheng Hoo

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Pusing gak sih liat tas banyak banget..


It's the China Town that turns into a spacy outdoor eating place at night, with fortune tellers, souvenir stalls and people selling chinese gizmoz all around the place.

Bought this pendant necklace there. The seller said the word means "lucky". Anybody can confirm that to me?

FO, etc.

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  1. hai hello salam kenal :) thx udah di-link hehehee foto2nya bagus2 btw.