Sunday, June 26, 2005

Long Time Friendship: Part Two

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Pernahkah kamu punya teman, yang sangat kamu kagumi, yang kamu look-up to? Sehingga kamu merasa beruntung sekali bisa berteman dengan dia? Kamu senang sekali berteman dengan dia, sehingga saat-saat main bersamanya adalah saat yang kamu tunggu-tunggu? Pernahkah?

Tia - Kade - Trully

Ully was a very smart and talented girl. Smarter and more talented than Tia and me added together. She's artistic, fun, original, and for me she's uniquely pretty. We admired and adored all of her qualities. I, specifically, wanted to be like her.

After Junior High was done, Tia and I went to SMA 3, Ully went to SMA 1. We naturally never hung out anymore. One day, I was in a bus taking me to.. (I forgot where), suddenly I saw Ully got into the bus. I was like "omigosh, how are you?", beaming with happiness to bump into her. She coldly said "hi" with forced smile that was not even successfully appeared. Before I could realize what happened, a girl got into the bus and obviously it was her friend. I know that girl, she went to the same junior high with me, and apparently she went to the same senior high with Ully. They said hi to each other nicely and chatted all the way to their destination. They both were standing right beside me and both were ignoring me. I barely know that girl, except that she rarely smiled. But Ully, man, I never saw this coming. I thought we had great times together. I thought losing touch with her was something natural. I thought she liked me.

It took me days to digest it, and still I didn't know why she treated me that way. We never had any fights, we were so close with each other, we.... liked each other [I thought so. Obviously I was damn wrong]. Eventually I chose to ignore what happened that day, although my subconscious could not. I was hurt, but in denial. My dearest friend could not possibly do such thing. She must have had a logic explanation.

I thought I figured out why, when one day, out of nowhere, I got this very strange phone call. be continued..


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