Friday, May 20, 2005

Long Time Friendship: Part One

Look what i've found when I went through all the old stuff at my parents' house:


I don't remember making this. But I clearly remember the two names on the right and left of my own name.

Tia was my childhood friend. We went to the same kindergarten dan elementary school.
I still remember the first time I noticed her in kindergarten. She was a very quiet little girl, always be seated nicely. She was so sweet and had this thick beautiful hair I always admired.
I don't remember exactly when and why I became close friends with her, but I remember she was one of the first three students in class who could read, beside me and my other friend Rere (who later also became my close friend, went through ups and downs before ending up good friends and then she dissapeared to thin air after her parents' divorce. Whole another story.)

Anyway. Tia was a smart girl, fun and honest. We were close for the whole 6 years in elementary school. I frequently went swimming with her family in AIP (Akademi Ilmu Pelayaran - her parents worked for Djakarta Lloyd which, I think, had a connection with this academy) and joined them for a vacation and travelling (Merak beach, Lampung, Sukabumi, to name a few). She has a big sister and a little brother, who got along very well with me. Her parents were wonderful people.
I have tons of beautiful memories with her it would take some times to tell.
The last time I saw her was at her sister's (Santy) wedding reception, I think it's in 2000. She's a career woman now, I think (because her last email's domain was Still a very nice and sweet girl I once knew.

Trully, or Ully, was a girl I knew when I was, I think, 10 or 11 years old.
There was a little shop in our area that sells craft things. You know those knitting supplies, doll-making kit, etc. I had been mastering this kind of craft since I was very little, because my Mom was really really good at it and she taught me how to knit and make crafts. So I visited this place almost everyday. The owner were 2 nice ladies who were always willing to teach us to make everything, from dolls to bags, from pillow cases to rugs. One was a Japanese, we called her "Tante Jepang" and the other one was a Chinese, we called her "Tante Cina".
Once I found this place, just opened, it didn't take too long for me to bring most of my girl classmates there to learn to make crafts. So it's like our second school.
Well, we, Tia and I, met Ully there. Her house was right in front of the shop. We bonded immediately. Soon, we were busy doing a lot of baking projects (Well, not a lot, but at that time, for me it was like the world). We scheduled when to cook what, searched for recipes we like, chose the host, collected our money, went shopping and finally baked together!

So there we were, three 11 years old girls, messed around our parents' kitchen, baking... let's see if I can remember some of them:
Whoopie Pies (it was called Othello), crispy choux a.k.a. Sus Kering, Raisin Bread, Lychee Pudding, Devilled Egg, Creme Caramel (we called it Puding Bakar).
We also sometimes exchanged cookies we baked.
Once we toyed with the idea of naming this 3-girls-band. I think it might be the time when we created that label I found in my parents' house.

Elementary school was done, we lost in touch gradually, but still hung out once in a very while. Obviously Ully and Tia hung out more often than me. They had guitar classes together while I could not (I guess I was too affraid to ask my parents). But I joined their class once, you know, just to watch them practice with their teacher, and simply just to be with them.
I never realized how much I loved them until something happened one day, after junior high was done. be continued..


  1. Riana, sering brenang di AIP yah? saya juga tuh, waktu masa SD..kalo gitu kita seumur dong, hahaha...dulu tinggal di Pinangsia, pergi ke AIP naik Vespa bediri di depan sama papi saya.
    lagi rajin bikin apa nih minggu ini?

  2. Riana,
    Ayo donk dilanjutin cerita yang ini ;)