Saturday, May 07, 2011

Another Chaos Organized!

Scrappers are a bunch of chaotic minds. when we manage to eventually organize them, we actually produce some nice things. When we don't, heck, we create pretty chaos anyway :)

Another journey album. Lots of hidden tags containing lots of photos and real time journals. I kept an acid-free notebook with me during the travel, jotted down everything I could remember before closing the day. A very convenient way of journaling since all i had to do is slipping the notebook pages anywhere in the album, and voila.. an authentic story. Journaling done, top notch.

I didn't take photos of all the album pages. As always, too many, too thick, too much. Meet me for a late lunch or afternoon tea, I'll bring the album. And we can talk about the purple sky.

I hope these are sufficient to give you the idea of the album. Click on the photos to bring you to the larger ones for detail viewing. Ask me anything, I'll surely answer with butterfly in my stomach.

Enjoy :)

 I love how the tags were curiously peeking all over from inside. Like a bunch of bad boys looking for troubles :)

 I heart postcards.
*there were two others somewhere in the album*


..and this, is my favorite page :)


  1. Mba Nanaaaaaaaa!!!
    Really like this! Like thisss!!! + 1 Jutaaaa
    aku mau liat aseli nyaaaaa....

  2. Aih, maluuu.. nanti kubawa pas A Week In The Life yah *loh, katanya malu* :D

  3. Aku juga pengen liat aslinya sambil belajar bikin nyang kayak gitu juga Ri, tapi sayang kita terlalu jauh tapi mungkin jauh dimata dekat di hati yakkkk hihihi.....(SKSD mode ON)

  4. iyaaaa, akupun merasa demikian, hihihi *hug* I admire your photos, you know, diam-diam :)