An email came to my inbox the other day, leaking the news: Magnum Cafe will open next Thursday in Grand Indonesia. One eyebrow was raised, all my reckoning was one and one only thing: that joy on the stick i called adult chocolate lollipop ice cream :)

I was right. The cafe is dedicated solely to this Belgian chocolate covered ice cream. Yea, that thing. That Magnum. The Magnum.

I remember a TV advertisement capturing this ice cream as part of a royal throne life, enjoyed only by those with royal luxury pleasure in mind. Since I read Paul I. Wellman's The Female and Pearl S. Buck's Imperial Woman, I like to picture myself living in one of those castles once in a while, so count me in, sista'.

This first in the world Magnum Cafe sits on 5th floor of Grand Indonesia West Mall, you can easily spot it from one of the escalator landings. The interior is, well, royal victorian, that's why some of us really put efforts to wear ruffles all over. Oh, how I wished I didn't have a meeting before going to this opening so I could wear my ruffle skirt too!

Chef Aldo Volpi Sweet Toppings

You know I always love ice cream corner, any ice cream corner. But this cafe, it goes all the way serving from appetizer, main course, dessert and drinks. All are featuring the one and only safe Magnum we know *not that I considered Magnum PI dangerous, though*.

Dipped and Topped The Three Magnums

I learnt that the chocolate used for Magnum production is truly Belgian chocolate, where the chocolate was produced rusticly by hand, the artisan way. Artisan chocolate for industrial ice cream. Very nice. Being the rustic way, it uses true coverture chocolate. And by true, I mean no vegetable fat involved. Cocoa butter it is. If it is not cocoa butter, it's not chocolate at all. Couldn't more agree to that! *glad we're in the same boat :)*

On The Tray 

I won't bore you with a list of menu items made up you don't even have a clue of what they are. Yea, they're all dressed up with royal names. But this, I will tell. You can create your own Magnum. Pick your ice cream, dip it in a pool of Belgian chocolate, and cover it with your pick of toppings. If I were you, I will dip it twice :)

And what would the chef recommend as his personal favorite? Waffle de Aristocrat! It is Magnum on crispy waffle, topped with lots of cracking chocolate, served with roasted caramelized banana. Dang, I'm craving again.

I can't say I'm a big fan of Walls ice cream. But of all its range of varieties, I have to say Magnum is one of those I consider to go for when it's time for guilty pleasure, just for the sake of its thick belgian chocolate that cracks under your teeth and melts on the warmth of your tongue. 'Nuff said.

The cafe bears very nice royal victorian ambience, they even dressed the waiters and waitresses with prince's jacket and princess' gown. There was even a guard with trumpet to blow it rigt before we cracked the Magnum together. Hail to the throne, long live the king and queen!


I was having so much fun taking pictures of them, along with the royal carriage, the royal curtain, royal candeliers, royal garden, and.. the royal ice cream. If you're looking for some sweet royal treatment, spend your afternoon here. You have to do it soon, though. Because this cafe only opens for three months only. By the end of May your chance is up. Rude? I know :)


Don't worry, though. Although it'll only be around that short, the Magnum team has prepared a jam packed programs to assure those three months are worth the while. Beauty class, chef class, fashion event, live accoustic band, family & kids event, Magnum bartender cocktail class, to name a few (few? *eyebrow raised again*). And, and.. there's a photo booth where you can freeze your moment with the royals. Because, my fellows sweet tooth, when you indulge yourself in the one and only Magnum Cafe in the world, YOU GOT TO TAKE A PICTURE!

I look forward to coming to this cafe again. And this time, I'll make sure I wear my tiara :)

Magnum Cafe
Grand Indonesia, West Mall 5th Fl

Appetizer/small bites: Pas de Trois, A Knight's Tale, Court Jester
Main course: The Emperor, Royal Kingdom
Dessert: Goblet of Chocolate, Razzle Dazzle, Crown Jewel
Drinks: Summer Tango, Truffle Royale

Left to right: Chef Aldo Volpi (Magnum Cafe's Head Chef), Marissa Nasution (Magnum's Brand Ambassador), Meila Putri Handayani (Magnum's Senior Brand Manager)

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