Thursday, September 02, 2010

Morning Poem

morning poem

let me tell you a story
about one mornin' that lasts a life time
after a long night in the cuddle of a fairy
the dawn breaks right above the windchime

let me read a poem to you
mumbles like Lennon's walrus and the egg man
leaves fell on my feet,
a song ringin' thru my ears
goo goo kajoo

here is one morning I will remember forever
not for its beauty nor broken white sky
but for the lure of a tingling butterfly

{ Pejaten, 23rd day of Ramadhan }

a poem of whatever

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  1. "... for the lure of a tingling butterfly"

    wah, kereeen .. like it. Salam ..

  2. thank you, pak. enjoyed the flash fictions on your blog as well. wassalamu'alaykum..