Thursday, March 04, 2010

The Appeal

What can I say? Being a Grisham's fanatic never helps in being objective.

I'm not gonna ramble on synopsis, as you can find it anywhere.  The book apparently didn't get enough good review from people, well, GoodReads people to say the least. But for me, this.. is a must-read.

You won't find anything new to the story-telling style. It's just Grisham. Anti climax, flowing like water over creek in the meadow where Laura Ingalls once lived --only not that peaceful, you know.. Grisham. But still, in the battle of good versus evil, I still hoped the good will prevail. It brutally didn't. Brutally.

I enjoyed the book very much, I'm sure you Grisham freaks will do too. There's an interesting disclaimer at the end of the story, denying some facts, yet admitting the rest. Which only underlined that the whole matter was actually as true as tears and laughter. 'Nuff said.

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