Monday, October 30, 2006

Lebaran 2006

Monday morning
after finishing some translation work
Song: In My Life - The Beatles

Lebaran 2006
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  • Eldes't Brother's House
    This year we celeberated Lebaran at both my third brother's place in Serpong and my eldest brother's in Bekasi. We all spent one night in Bekasi, jam packed together like sardines in a can :D, then headed off to Serpong the next day, because we planned to have small barbeque party there the next evening.
    We gave out angpau for my nephews and nieces as usual. This tradition was brought back by my sister, after been dead since we were all growing up and my uncles and aunties felt it's not necessary to give us angpau anymore. Wrong! LOL.
    Last year, my sister suggested that we have to bring this tradition back alive. Only this time, we are the ones who gave out angpau to all children in the family. Yea, we really missed those good old days, so we agreed.
    Look at them standing in line to get the angpau! :D

  • Grass on Our Parents' Graves
    We went to our parents' graves in the afternoon. My fourth brother, as usual, led us in prayers. Me, as usual, could never hold my tears, missing my parents so much.
    I noticed the grass was dry and thin, although we never forget paying the maintenance fee. My siblings tallked to the maintenance guy about this, but I think, still, we have to control it at least once a month to force them into taking care of the grass seriously.

  • Senayan City
    From Tanah Kusir, we headed off to Senayan City. Just hanging out, snacking, drinking. My nephews and nieces had their dinner.
    This new mall is not very interesting to me :)

  • My Uncle & Aunt
    We went to my uncle and auntie's house the next day. Their face were beaming with happiness seeing us, all full team, suddenly came to their house. My auntie said that my late Mom would be so happy seeing us together visiting her like this.
    Yes, yes, we hadn't been there all together like this since my parents passed away, and they both were one of our closest relatives, blood-wise and relationship-wise.

  • Barbeque Time!
    Yea, baby! Specially because we don't have to do the barbequeing ourselves! LOL
    My sister-in-law knew this man, he is a barbeque 'expert', his business is doing all the barbeque work for people in their houses. He did it all! Shopping, bringing all the equipments, mixing up the spices, barbequeing and serving all the seafood on giant plates, ready for us to eat! Very nice, very convenient. I think we should do this every year. I think we should do this every month :D

  • Fireworks!
    After our bellies were full loaded with those good grilled seafoods (we're seafood maniacs), the children played fireworks in the front yard. I love fireworks.

  • From Anyer With Love
    I had to go back home the next day, because hubby had to work on Saturday and I was just missing my room and my 'cave' so much. The rest of the family headed off to Anyer the next day and will be there until Sunday.

Although I'm glad to be back again here in my 'cave', still, I miss them all now.
I love you all, guys.

I know I'll often stop and think about them my life, I love you more..

In My Life - The Beatles

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