Saturday, October 29, 2005

You Poor Li'l Thing

Song: Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd, performed by Marty Casey can I explain the essence of fasting in 2 seconds sentence?..
I was in the middle of a business meeting with this Australian guy, when he asked me this question,”Are you fasting?”

“Yes, I am,” me, beaming with happiness.

“Oh, you poor little thing.”

Why am I not surprise.

“No, I’m happy doing that. In fact, everytime the fasting month is over, I was kind of sad that it’s over," I responded with an understanding smile.

“Why? Why are you happy doing that? Is it because of the ‘religion’ thing?

”Well, yes. But for one thing, it makes me healthier.”

How does it make you healthier?”

I was gonna say "how stupid are you?", but then I was fasting, so I chose not to say it. It's all about self-control, lesson number one, you jackass :)

“Because the stomach is like taking a break, the body is more relax because of that. It's like detoxification.”

How can I explain the essence of fasting in 2 seconds sentence?

“Well, that is true.”

"And medical research also reveals that fasting is good for your body.”

“You know, that is true. A couple of days ago, I was scheduled to undergo some medical check, and for that I was required to do fasting for 2 days.”

“And the test turned out good, didn’t it?”

“Yea! The test turned out good! But then I ate 2 pizzas and everything was ruined.”

We laughed.
Well, he answered his own question.

You poor li'l thing. You never know how fasting is such a bless.



  1. aa..itu bule bawel aja sih...
    rencana lebaran ngapain ri? gak kemana-mana nih...