Tuesday, October 25, 2005


My house was flooded yesterday. Yes, with water. The rain was so heavy, but it was the watershed (I don't know what the English word for 'tanggul') near my house that caused the damage. People said it's broken out, so the water flooded everywhere, even to the musholla which was located on much higher land than us.

So we (me, hubby, mother in law) spent the night on refugee, at the small hotel nearby (which by the way, had a very nice garden facing the terrace).

We were lucky. The water is not that high, and it was for short period of time. I imagined all people who suffered the tsunami and other flood disaster, that was way bigger than what I had. Mine was nothing compares to them. We were lucky we can afford to go some place nice, while they don't. I imagined their sadness, frustration, worst of all: depression. God, help them.

Anyway, after the rain gradually subsided and hubby was busy checking all the damages, I took this picture of brown leaves. They were right in front of my front door. I like the color and the highlights created by the water :)

Also took some pictures of that nice garden in front of our room terrace.

The most annoying thing is, I have deadlines to meet! And this flood seriously kills my mood!


  1. ya ampuuun.. kebayang deh ngeberesinnya.. pasti ribet banget..
    duuh.. yg sabar ya mbak.. cobaan banget bulan ramadhan ya..

  2. Ri rumahku juga kebanjiran, masuk rumah, saat itu aku dalam perjalanan dari bdg menuju jkt, di tol cipularang dah hujan deres dan aku khawatir rumah kebanjiran, ternyata benerrrr. Abis buka langsung deh beberes rumah, dah gitu kasur Nadya di bawah tanpa alas dan menyerap semua air hujan, ohhh tidak....