Saturday, October 29, 2005

You Poor Li'l Thing

Song: Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd, performed by Marty Casey can I explain the essence of fasting in 2 seconds sentence?..
I was in the middle of a business meeting with this Australian guy, when he asked me this question,”Are you fasting?”

“Yes, I am,” me, beaming with happiness.

“Oh, you poor little thing.”

Why am I not surprise.

“No, I’m happy doing that. In fact, everytime the fasting month is over, I was kind of sad that it’s over," I responded with an understanding smile.

“Why? Why are you happy doing that? Is it because of the ‘religion’ thing?

”Well, yes. But for one thing, it makes me healthier.”

How does it make you healthier?”

I was gonna say "how stupid are you?", but then I was fasting, so I chose not to say it. It's all about self-control, lesson number one, you jackass :)

“Because the stomach is like taking a break, the body is more relax because of that. It's like detoxification.”

How can I explain the essence of fasting in 2 seconds sentence?

“Well, that is true.”

"And medical research also reveals that fasting is good for your body.”

“You know, that is true. A couple of days ago, I was scheduled to undergo some medical check, and for that I was required to do fasting for 2 days.”

“And the test turned out good, didn’t it?”

“Yea! The test turned out good! But then I ate 2 pizzas and everything was ruined.”

We laughed.
Well, he answered his own question.

You poor li'l thing. You never know how fasting is such a bless.


Tuesday, October 25, 2005


My house was flooded yesterday. Yes, with water. The rain was so heavy, but it was the watershed (I don't know what the English word for 'tanggul') near my house that caused the damage. People said it's broken out, so the water flooded everywhere, even to the musholla which was located on much higher land than us.

So we (me, hubby, mother in law) spent the night on refugee, at the small hotel nearby (which by the way, had a very nice garden facing the terrace).

We were lucky. The water is not that high, and it was for short period of time. I imagined all people who suffered the tsunami and other flood disaster, that was way bigger than what I had. Mine was nothing compares to them. We were lucky we can afford to go some place nice, while they don't. I imagined their sadness, frustration, worst of all: depression. God, help them.

Anyway, after the rain gradually subsided and hubby was busy checking all the damages, I took this picture of brown leaves. They were right in front of my front door. I like the color and the highlights created by the water :)

Also took some pictures of that nice garden in front of our room terrace.

The most annoying thing is, I have deadlines to meet! And this flood seriously kills my mood!

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Makin Aneh


Ngelanjutin cerita aneh yang dulu.

Update terakhir, sekarang ada 2 agen yang ngejualin rumah tersebut! Even weirder, agen barunya adalah agen yang dulu kita pake untuk ngejualin rumah itu!


Kalo perkara itu rumah banyak penunggunya sih, cerita lama. Setiap sudut ruang semesta ini juga dipenuhi oleh jin toh?. Tapi kalo mereka belom mau rumah itu ditempatin sama orang lain, itu rada ngeri :)

Mudah-mudahan, kalo memang jodoh, rumah itu akan balik lagi ke keluarga kami. Amiiin..

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Monday, October 03, 2005

Hanya Bahagia

Terimakasih Yang Maha Mengatur Hati, atas rasa bahagia yang tak ada penyebabnya ini. Sampai-sampai air mata menitik. Bahagia, tanpa alasan. Tanpa penjelasan. Hanya bahagia.

Terimakasih atas hadiah yang mahal ini, wahai Yang Maha Memberi Hadiah. Seolah semua indera terbuka lebar, semua titik bersinar terang. Alam semesta terang benderang!

Semua perkara terjelaskan dalam gambar besar, semua pemahaman jadi mudah.
Bahagia, tanpa alasan. Tanpa perlu penjelasan. Hanya bahagia.

(Mungkinkah karena Ramadhan menjelang?)