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The Fool On The Hill

...That moment I knew,
I have to go there... Why PennyLane? What is PennyLane?
Igot those questions like thousands of times. I don't know whether I am too old for my circle or whatever, but my happy day was when someone came up to me and said, "Hey, Beatle fan, huh?" Phewh, there are other old folks other than me! We speak the same language, luckily if he's another Fab Four freak, most likely we had already connected through the vibration of the universe. Yea, hyperbolism.
Anyway.Since writing is always one way to cure my insanity, it acts as therapy, making closures of everything unfinished, this blog writing competition will as well be my outlet to straighten up things. No, PennyLane is not my name. What, why and how, I am about to tell you a story that will answer those what-why-how.
Thirty seven years ago --Gosh, I'm old!--, a baby girl was born to an already brady-bunch family. Adding up to the pile, the gank of six children immediately become seven. Being the y…