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Long Time Friendship: Part Three

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A strange phone call indeed, happened when senior high was done and I went to college already. It was so unexpected.

"Bisa bicara dengan Riana?"

It was Ully. After like years! I almost could not believe this. I mean, someone who secara terus terang rejected me in one broad daylight, leaving me with this puzzled memory about how our friendship really was, was now calling me on the phone. To be honest, I was so happy. First of all, I missed her so much. Second of all, I had a feeling she had something to talk about that would explain all of this. That would answer all my questions.

Awalnya percakapan terasa awkward, karena gue masih in disbelief. But then we just kept talking, and I was amazed how we hadn't been talking again like this since junior high. She went to STEKPI and would soon continue her study in the US. It was soooo great talking to her again!

More importantly, I got the answer I wanted.

I didn't actuall…