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Long Time Friendship: Part One

Look what i've found when I went through all the old stuff at my parents' house:

I don't remember making this. But I clearly remember the two names on the right and left of my own name.

Tia was my childhood friend. We went to the same kindergarten dan elementary school.
I still remember the first time I noticed her in kindergarten. She was a very quiet little girl, always be seated nicely. She was so sweet and had this thick beautiful hair I always admired.
I don't remember exactly when and why I became close friends with her, but I remember she was one of the first three students in class who could read, beside me and my other friend Rere (who later also became my close friend, went through ups and downs before ending up good friends and then she dissapeared to thin air after her parents' divorce. Whole another story.)

Anyway. Tia was a smart girl, fun and honest. We were close for the whole 6 years in elementary school. I frequently went swimming with her family in AI…