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flying kite

I wrote this one almost three years ago. Still, for me, it's worth reading.My on-air duty was finished since 3, but this inhuman sunny day kept me from going home directly. I turned on the computer instead, prepared tomorrow’s paper, and then surfed the net. Anyway, it was 5 o’clock in the afternoon when I finally decided to go home. Took the back gate, I walked down the silent path between the grassy fields.

At the end of the path, near the security post, we have this medium size football grass court that was always full of people in every afternoon like this. What people? No, they’re not the office people, although sometimes some of us joined the crowd for an impulsive no-scores-required game. They’re local people.In working days, they’re usually children and teenagers. But in weekends like this, the crowd members expand to parents, maybe even aunties and uncles, and an es-doger man with his cart. What were they doing?They were simply just hanging out and having a good time. Play…