Friday, November 19, 2010

Journey (Not the Band)

Song: "Two Step" - Dave Matthews Band
Live At Folsom Field - Boulder, Colorado

Tiap kali satu album selesai, berasanya seperti abis beranak. Lelah, luluh lantak. Orgasmically happy. Head off to Ria's "Our Journey" album post for original details. Here I'm just showing you a few things I did differently.

You see I altered the title. You, 80s rock freaks, I know you dig it. I did the subtitle using transfer technique I learnt from Believe class. So happy to know that I can put any words I want. Got so many in my head now. All silly, though :)

You see the copper hay and victorian button on the corner? Added them just because the other lace embellishment that was supposed to be there was somewhow not included in the kit. So I had to come up with something else. And I heart the victorian button so much I could eat it.

Now, come inside..

Page 1:

"Go" blink-blink | one quote sticker | the city sky line, under the cloudy sky..

Added the "Go" blink-blink and stamped my first Cat's Life stamp! Heart this company so much. Stampnya nyeleneh semua :D. Definitely my cup of tea. Added many quote stickers, here is one of them.

My recurring issue in scrapbooking is there's never enough space for my photos and stories. Many photos got voted off, many stories being left only in my journal or flickr. I guess  my mission for the next album is to incorporate everything the whole thing and nothing but the thing, heh? For now, I tried to include as many stories as I could lah. See the picture on the right, where I struggled to size down a story into a short paragraph fitted into the space. Oh, well.

Page 2:


Alice sewed the pocket for me. Thank you, beautiful, I love you.. *plakk*

The other pocket is my favorite one and it was created by accident. Here's the story. Originally, I made the pocket behind the turqoise paper just like Ria sampled for us, but I just laid it flat without making space for the actual photo tab to go inside the pocket. So when I finished making the tab, it couldn't go in! The pocket was too tight because I laid it flat, oh, how moronic. Think.. think.. think. Found an ephemera paper in the kit with perfect size for my pocket, so i cut it and made the pocket even better because the ephemera looks so vintage and shabby. Happy day :) Put other victorian button on the corner because, oh, how it goes perfectly with each other!

..another quote sticker, another Victorian button, perfect for the picture of Raffles Hotel which was actually a Victorian heritage. You see a turquoise flourish on the right picture? Lift that chipboard, it's a gate to another world.

1st origami: a rainy afternoon at Merlion Park and along the river.


You will find many journal strips in this album. Not only for naming places, but also to drag you along the river and smell the afternoon air and feel the rain on your forehead. Uh-huh, the strips went that long.


Page 3: genius harmonica page



I love how Ria designed the album to fit as many photos as can be. The origami was one heck of an idea, definitely a solution for my abundant photos. Now this harmonica page was a genius one. Hmm. I can smell lots of origamis and harmonica pages in my future albums.

Added the twill tapes I bought from Bagus-Bagus at Pasar Seni ITB here and there..

..another quote sticker, and another one, and another one..

..and another twill tape, and another one..

Page 4:

Don't you just heart the turqouise burlap on the top left? I do so much I could sleep under it! Remember that turquoise flourish? Yes, another origami coming up.

Added metal arrow from the same set of the "Go" blink-blink I used previously.

2nd origami: I dedicated this origami for food!


Finally, a song wouldn't hurt..


There's a thing that probably only a scrapper would understand. The stack. Uh-huh. Just looking at the pretty stack would that be enough to put a smile on her face.

And of course: the yarns, button, and butterfly.

There it goes into its mini travel bag..

 With mini tags and passport. Visa of the universe.

Last but not least, I put this quote on the back cover. Another transfer technique, this time on canvas.

So true, huh?
Ah. For me it is.

Pejaten, 16th November 2010
: Dalam iringan Dave Matthews Band yang merasuk jiwa


  1. Keren loh Riii....fotonya banyak...asyik banget ngelihatanya dan bagus2...very neat..kelihatan orangnya rapih dan telaten! hehee.....stamp quotesnya i Like it! koq bisa sih buat serapi itu ya?! :p

  2. what? rapi? aaagh, salaaah... Quotenya sticker, Alice, bukan stamp. Yang stamp cuma buletan tanggal aja. Dan album ini sama sekali tidak rapi, hahaha...
    Thank you for coming, kemarin liat album Journeynya Alice, aduk mak, cakep bangeeet...

  3. *Ngelap air mata*
    Ini bagus sekaliiiiiiiiiiii.................(bukan dengan intonasi pak Tino Sidin ya....bukan....)
    Selamat 'beranak' kembali, Nana.....
    Semakin seringlah 'beranak' supaya semua memories dan foto2 dan kata2 yang seabreg2 itu tertampung semua.....kalau perlu bikin album segede lapangan sepak bola seperti katamu itu khan........*siapa takut?

    Yang jenius itu transfer technique buat kata2 dan quote nya di canvas.....
    Uuuuuuh, itu pengamalan paling cerdas buat ilmu yang simple itu yak?

    *masih ngelap air mata*

  4. aaaaarggghhhh...aku baru melihat lagi...baguuuusss....!

  5. Haduuuhhh. Lama nggak main ke sini, sekali main kayak kesedak rasanya. Overwhelming bangettttt. So many pictures, so many quotes and beautiful things. Jangan2 scrap-bookers ini lahir dengan gunting dan lensa di tangan yaa ....


  6. *gleks* kereeennn banget *speechless*... gak rapi malah jadi eksotis haiiyaahh...pengeeen banget buat ....