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What is a guitar?

-- the video --

[out of nowhere, this weekend, some urgent work came up. all needed to be finished by Sunday.
Man, whad'ya think i have no life? I don't. haha..!
two articles about open source and commercial software, the other one was an Aceh's report summary. the latter was for my very long time client, a master degree student who is, i think, still trying to finish his thesis. i finally did it to help him. so i gave him 'friend' price. told ya i'm a wonderful person :)


the other day hubby brought home a vcd. it was titled GUITAR, period.
it turned out to be a very interesting video. someone in there talking about his journey to find the answer to "what is a guitar?". well, if he asked me i will immediately answer: "it's my husband's first wife".

unsurprisingly, i'm not alone in having that answer. according to some big names who appeared in the video (Steve Vai, Les Paul, Steve Lukather, Jeff "Skunk" Baxter, Bri…